About Us

The Journey Begins…..

We have been converting campers for people’s enjoyment for the last 10 years.

We specialise in being able to design and build a campervan around your personal requirements. With the full knowledge of actually using the vans to go away in and the detailed knowledge of how to construct them from the ground up, your are dealing with the experts in your journey from our design.

Experience & Knowledge

Standout campers realise that with our years of experience and knowledge we are in the perfect position to be able to offer a fully encompassing camper experience. We are now offering customers the opportunity to take the campers away for weekends away or for a month at a time.  

Exclusive Offer

Try Before You Buy

Rent one of our Campers for a week, or weekend and if you love it just too much then we’ll take the cost of the weeks rental off the price of your new Camper with us.